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BYOS x Virgin Atlantic

“I designed BYOS to be more than jewelry. It carries a deeper meaning. It is something that inspires people, a tangible reminder for us to be aware of ourselves and others, to celebrate all our successes and to live life with compassion.

I didn’t just imagine jewelry, I imagined a world of equal measure.”


Be Your Own Success, also known as BYOS, is the ethos behind Melissa Curry’s collection of symbolic jewelry.

It was created with the intention of inspiring and empowering young women and girls, celebrating their strengths, beauty, vulnerabilities, and who they are from the inside out.

Melissa believes that the key to success starts with self-belief. Her jewelry is designed in keeping with the core values of the brand; Strength, Opportunity, Love, Balance, and Happiness.

The Success Bar, which Melissa affectionately calls her Little Bar of Strength, spearheads the collection. Rated #10 in the Virgin Atlantic Retail Therapy magazine, the motivational piece is worn by some of the most successful women in the world, including entrepreneurs from innovative tech companies such as Facebook. Success is gifted and worn by iconic, creative businesswomen such as Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama, and Arianna Huffington.


BYOS believes in supporting the most vulnerable of women to reach economic success. This is why the Virgin Atlantic exclusive shimmering heart necklace is presented in a special linen pouch handmade and embroidered by Kisany Living Linens. Kisany is an inspirational East African initiative which enables women to provide better lives for themselves and their children.

BYOS is about connecting its wearers, and its goal is to create a global community of women sharing support and love, lifting each other up and celebrating success as they define it.

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